Diana Zapata is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) Interior Designer and experienced remodeler, dedicated to helping others reach their goal of aging in place, making your home a place to “live for life”.  She went into this business as a result of the intense transitions that her own parents experienced. I am also a volunteer Board member of Villages NW. It is our passion to support people who would like to stay in the neighborhoods they know and love.

“I am a social entrepreneur, and leading expert in aging in place. I'm focused on educating consumers, families, caregivers & local businesses about quality of life issues & proper planning for an amazing second half of life. I also understand how difficult transitions can be and the challenges that occur with any type of disruption or sudden change in lifestyle.”

There are creative ways to adapt your home to match your lifestyle and plan for the future. The key is to make those changes before they are required. By being pro-active, you can be more thoughtful and selective with your options moving forward. Zapata Design, LLC would like to help you reach those goals. Check out this recent interview with Kim Dodge at Retirement Ready radio:



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