I started this business because:

I enjoy collaborating with clients to create/design solutions for unique situations. With decades of experience in remodeling, most of my clients are looking for a beautiful design, where function and practicality is integrated into the process.

I feel that with some thoughtful planning, even before retirement, many can avoid facing a lack of options by putting their own goals in place as they age with grace and dignity.  I envision a better way to live in our own spaces, our own neighborhoods and communities. We can try to stay one step ahead of those unpredictable situations with plan A, B and C. Emergencies happen to all of us in life, but when it comes to aging, we can try to avoid letting abrupt circumstances dictate our lifestyle.

In today's market we are facing:

1)  Expensive retirement facilities that work best for the very wealthy or those on Medicaid

2)  Big money to buy in, if you have the resources

3)  Feeling alone and displaced when you need your home the most

4)  The feeling of loss of community and control over your own environment

5)  Population out-pacing demand

6)  Home modifications (that fit your “future” needs) are a fraction of the cost of moving into an assisted care facility

Be Pro-Active

• Let’s brainstorm about your goals and best options, and plan from there

• People will begin to “future plan” (Similar to college planning) for a better quality of later life

• Remodel now, with purpose - for future needs, this saves money and hassle in the long run.

• Allows for more time to adapt to the changes   (Altering our space is usually hard to get used to, even when we want it)

•  I am a Board Member of Villages NW, in-home support and background checked services will facilitate this trend in time to come. 


My Mission

To design and plan the way you want to live, in your own home, as long as possible. I believe it is important to be pro-active about creating your own mold, instead of fitting into one!