Does AIP (Aging in Place) have a bad connotation?

It happens, we all age – so embrace the process by planning for it. Let’s do it together, as gracefully as possible. Do not go blindly into your retirement years. Yes, you have planned for your 401K and other retirement finances. Also, plan for those unexpected situations that you may find yourself in. Think about what your older loved ones have gone through. Plan now, while you have time to think about it. 

Have you noticed the way your parents have struggled with thinking about Assisted Care or Retirement Residences? The cost and the emotional toll it can take on them (and the family) is huge. What can you do now for yourself? Think about your goals and share them with your family. I am not talking about things like Long-Term care insurance policies. Those are important, but you are most likely already doing that now. Talk about living life.

I am passionate about this because my father was a Vice President in the corporate world. He planned for all financial issues, but never had a "plan B". He even paid into a Long-Term care insurance policy for decades, only to find out that when he needed it, he could not use it. Why? He is a trusting man, the bad guys saw this, he was a victim of a Senior scam. As a result he lost his remaining life savings. When he needed long-term care, he did not even have the $20,000 deductible needed. He was ashamed and embarrassed, but finally told our family what happened. I suggest you picture yourself five, ten and twenty+ years from now. Hopefully surrounded by your wonderful family.  Yet, even the best of families may have their own challenges. Families that face sudden unemployment, health emergencies or needy children (and grandchildren). It can happen to the best of us.

Dream big, think positively, AND be realistic. You can imagine what the best case scenario and worst case scenario may be. Then plan from there. Zapata Design has first hand experience both personally and professionally in this arena. I have helped my parents downsize, I have downsized, and I can help others do the same. To support this, I am also a Board member of Villages NW. Just this month, we won an Award, for the best new non-profit in Portland. Feel free to check this link: